“More cooperation with China in global humanitarian action”

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But once the calculation is wrong, or the external environment changes suddenly, it will be fatal. It may make the company unable to find the North for a long time, winning every battle and losing the entire war.

Currently, 856 of them have recovered, and the probability of recovery is 50%.Reading Jun has seen that some companies become "zombie" because there are no transactions, and some companies become "zombie" because they have no tradable shares.

“More cooperation with China in global humanitarian action”

Among the "zombie stocks", there are 234 companies with net profits of more than 20 million yuan in 2015, accounting for 6.22%.According to Duduijun’s statistics last year, the accommodation and catering industry was also the industry with the largest proportion of “zombie” companies. The number of “zombie” companies accounted for 23.08% of the total number of listed companies in the industry, and this year’s proportion has more than doubled. .When reading the results, Dudujun was shocked.

“More cooperation with China in global humanitarian action”

Among the 1,018 companies without tradable shares, those that were "resurrected" after having tradable shares had a median revenue of 55.62 million yuan in 2015, a median revenue growth of 19%; a net profit of 4.4413 million yuan, an increase of 19%. The median is 34.60%; for companies without "resurrection", the median revenue is 35.0536 million yuan, the median revenue growth is 9.23%; the median net profit is 1.9117 million yuan, the net profit growth The median is 16.86%.Because the 2016 annual report has not been fully updated, Mr. Dudang chose relatively complete 2015 financial data for analysis.

“More cooperation with China in global humanitarian action”

Currently, 1,848 of the 3,760 "zombie stocks" have become "zombie" because they have no tradable shares, and there are 1,912 companies that already have tradable shares but have not been traded.

Don't underestimate the small-scale companies in "zombie stocks". Their outbreaks are amazing.Five years later, when Qihoo 360 was listed on the New York Stock Exchange, CDH Ventures made a huge profit of US$200 million.

After 10 years of polishing, Wang Gongquan concluded that a good project should be down-to-earth, "return to the essence of business, and create high-quality products and services at the lowest possible cost", he concluded a project worth investing in Four conditions must be met: First, it must be a huge market.It can be said that Wang Gongquan grew up watching 360.

Those venture capitalists in Silicon Valley have a completely different temperament "rigorous, rational, pay attention to strategic alliances, and respect the value of knowledge."In the end, Mr. Zhang said meaningfully, "Mr. Xiong's annual salary starts at 500,000 US dollars."