Became the Oriental Cavalry that swept across the Three Kingdoms

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This form is very mature and may have millions of paying users.

If you start a business in a field with a fully proven business model, for example, if you make a mobile online game, do you have a 10% chance of making money? Not to mention emerging fields such as the Internet, if you open a hot pot restaurant or a clothing store, Is there a 10% success rate? I believe there must be friends around you who have tried to do this kind of small business, and you will have the answer.Discrimination: Wu didn’t say it clearly, but it can be understood from the context, which means that the platform is blowing the wind out of its own needs and is leading entrepreneurs into the pit.

Became the Oriental Cavalry that swept across the Three Kingdoms

If what is being sold is not knowledge but hamburgers, clothes, and cosmetics, one will be legally responsible for selling fake goods. However, it is a pity that these fake knowledge are put up for sale in broad daylight with a price tag, and no one seems to care.But there are already problems with this starting point.For a platform, increasing reading time is of course a strategic goal, so the platform vigorously promotes short videos and even encourages people to make short videos with subsidies.

Became the Oriental Cavalry that swept across the Three Kingdoms

As far as I know, at least 50% of corporate short video entrepreneurs are currently or will not rule out making some money through production services in the future.For example, I want to make a product introduction video and put it on Taobao store, and I want to make an interview video with entrepreneurs and put it on the official website.

Became the Oriental Cavalry that swept across the Three Kingdoms

Misunderstanding of logic: Advertising is old money. If a short video project wants to win the favor of advertising, it is only about 10% of the top business. Most short videos cannot get advertising.

But this is a question of success rate, not a question of business model.Let me talk about the first question first, why do you want to choose a company with an independent IPO plan or timetable? Generally speaking, there are basically three types of companies that are unwilling or not in a hurry to go public: Most of these companies have employee options plan, but the monetization cycle is full of uncertainty.

Before the new policy, Didi estimated that there would be some restrictions on vehicle access, so it began to increase its self-operated vehicles, but if it purchased its own vehicles, it had to explain how to deal with these vehicles after they were decommissioned in terms of financial models.One type is operating at a loss in the market. This type of company often has huge cash flow, but if one day loses its monopoly control over the market, the risk is actually very high, because the premise of its survival is that it can continue to get low-cost investment , There are many companies of this type, such as Didi, Xinmeida and so on.

Of course, you can rely on a sense of mission in an idealistic company for 10 years and enjoy a sense of professional honor proudly, but how many "spendable" 10 years are there in a person's life? As an individual, you still need a A pragmatic methodology for judging and realizing one's own value.Why is this happening? Because there is no technical content in burning money, and there is no threshold. Who wouldn’t spend money, right? Especially as we all know that China’s current currency is over-issued and there is a lot of hot money, so there must be other capital coming in to match it. You compete.