AIGC tells the truth|The cluster bombs dropped by the United States in those years

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  Figure 6: The distribution of investment rounds in the agricultural B2B industry in 2016. In the FMCG B2B industry, a total of 19 FMCG B2B e-commerce platforms were involved in 22 FMCG B2B investment events. Their main business is mainly around the community, The one-stop fast moving consumer goods supply and trading platform launched by convenience stores and terminal retail stores also includes vertical categories of fast moving consumer goods, such as drinks, seasonings, office supplies and so on.

Take Shengjing Network, for example, the reason why it is successful must be because before designing each course and each content, the first thing it thinks about is which person in the company is suitable to take this course, not just who One type of enterprise is most suitable for B2B. It should not stop at business-to-business, but should be more entrepreneurs-to-entrepreneurs and businessmen-businessmen. This is the first point we are talking about.Even for the smallest unit B, the husband and wife store, decisions are made by two people, and the two people also have different divisions of labor.

AIGC tells the truth|The cluster bombs dropped by the United States in those years

The Five Essential Issues of B2B Today I would like to share with you the five essential issues of B2B.Some companies do not pay much attention to the demand for chemical reagents, but they must require a wide variety and good quality. Otherwise, what should I do if the quality is not good and an explosion occurs? The needs of two types of companies in the same industry are often different. Because the businessmen behind them have different needs.Only transactions with a credit period include finance.

AIGC tells the truth|The cluster bombs dropped by the United States in those years

Even so, online prices cannot be eliminated, otherwise automatic transactions cannot be realized, and B2B will return to simple information services. Both parties to the transaction have to chat and meet online, which is very inefficient.Not only that, as long as your goods are in the warehouse, I can also advance funds to you and lend you funds equivalent to 50% of the value of the goods.

AIGC tells the truth|The cluster bombs dropped by the United States in those years

Don't talk about speed with small and medium-sized enterprises, because they have plenty of time, but they often have little funds, and what they lack most is business opportunities.

Companies like Wal-Mart, including relatively large Internet companies like Alibaba, must have annual plans and three-year strategies, but you must not talk about three-year strategies with small and medium-sized enterprises. Many bosses decide on the next one this week. Sunday, this month determines next month.Many people released "Zhihu Big V Strategy" one after another.

As for the Zhihu platform, we can see that Zhihu will also face problems such as content value dilution and management difficulties caused by the increasing scale effect, requiring the Zhihu platform to have higher noise filtering capabilities.From the perspective of the development path of the Wei Zexi incident, we can see that the incident experience is as follows: Wei Zexi personally reported it on Zhihu, triggering discussions among Zhihu platform users and having a huge influence, which in turn triggered social media supervision and follow-up reporting, and Baidu fell into The public opinion crisis and response to rectification and reflection finally led to the implementation of the "Interim Measures for the Management of Internet Advertising" that took several years and several revisions, so that Internet advertising is no longer a gray area and begins to get on the right track with laws and regulations.

The accumulation of this kind of high-quality content also provides a good prerequisite for value payment.Abstract: It is also because of the structure of Zhihu users that it is far away from the "diaosi user group" of the Internet, and has an objective, rational, and discussion platform gene, allowing it to occupy an upstream position in the distribution of public opinion on social networks , whose voice can be convincing.