Physics teacher makes popular science videos with over 10 million fans

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Intellectuals CEO Ji Zhongzhan believes that the ceiling of content entrepreneurship needs to be broken, "When content becomes an entrance, it will have many possibilities.

Recently, he announced that he had to lay off staff.The team can be reimbursed for buying books, and they must buy more. Those who don’t read books must review them.

Physics teacher makes popular science videos with over 10 million fans

What made the post-90s start-ups grow from flowers all the way to tepid now? Is it because they are young and frivolous, blindly optimistic, and know little about the world and business? Or are they lost in the light of the halo and the guidance of public opinion ? In the hustle and bustle of all beings, how to grasp the scale between arrogance and caution; return to the essence of commercial competition amid hype and gimmicks is an important lesson that should be learned.Wen Chenghui was born in Chaoshan, Guangdong, and Li Ka-shing, Ma Huateng and Yao Zhenhua were all from there.Faced with various doubts about the society's doubts about post-90s entrepreneurs, he responded: "We may still have many shortcomings, but who is born perfect? They don't kill people and set fires. If you know your mistakes, you can just correct them! We know that the future will be full of hardships. , but the boring life is sorry for our youth! Faced with many misunderstandings, jealousies and criticisms, from the moment we choose to start a business, we have been fearless!” Those post-90s entrepreneurs who have been valued at over 100 million... … The first batch of those born in the 1990s are already "middle-aged."

Physics teacher makes popular science videos with over 10 million fans

”“Youth is short, I want to live like a movie.Based on the book return, he would have invested 500,000 more in Chen Anni at that time, and now he can earn 50 million more.

Physics teacher makes popular science videos with over 10 million fans

Today, his super course schedule is still hovering between losses and profits.

At low tide, he told the team about Ma Yun's frustrated experience, about Li Ka-shing's founding of a plastic factory, and using the "great man" as an example to motivate himself and the team.But in Tang Yi's view, such an idea is complete nonsense. If you don't advance, you will retreat. China's catering industry is so competitive that the only way to survive is to become bigger and stronger, and this must be boosted by capital.

In the end, the decline of South Beauty also proved this point.Because she was worried that she would miss her son too much and return home early, Zhang Lan even buttoned up the photo of her son that she brought with her and put it on the bedside table. She couldn't bear it anymore, so she turned it over and quickly buttoned it up again.

3. The founder’s strategy is too radical On the road of no return.Of course, Wang Xiaofei still insisted that selling South Beauty was not to repay the debt, but to "fall into the trap of CVC", but no matter what the reason was, the result was the same: Zhang Lan quit South Beauty's board of directors and daily management, and left the company on her own. The catering empire built.