Bolton responds to North Korea's $2 million bill: the United States promised, but did not pay a penny

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It can be said that these data provide data protection for optimizing advertising positions.

Take an activity as an example and briefly describe the process: Step 1: The boss will first finalize the KPI with you, including but not limited to the average daily or peak number of orders, customer unit price, ROI, retention, etc.; Step 2: Get the KPI first What you do is planning plans and copywriting; Step 3: If there are new page and product requirements, draw demo logic and link the products to design and development resources; Step 4: Synchronously set investment rules and goals and provide them to the industry Classmate; Step 5: Usually the owner of the activity also plays the role of the project manager. The next step is to follow up on the progress and review quality feedback until the final acceptance is completed; Step 6: After the activity is launched, you need to pay attention to various data indicators in real time. , traffic, conversion, and sales should be optimized according to the corresponding links, such as copywriting, image optimization, product sorting adjustment, red envelope issuance monitoring, etc.; Step 7: After the event is over, ensure normal operations are restored, and the next step is to make a review based on the data. Disk analysis, refine the advantages and disadvantages, praise the experience for the next event.My experience here is that when finding problems and implementing goals, ask more questions "what is it?" and "why?" because the supervisor said that 70% of efficient work is thinking and 30% is execution .

Bolton responds to North Korea's $2 million bill: the United States promised, but did not pay a penny

As the demand side, it is necessary to communicate with product, design, and development students to ensure that the demand is not deformed and the final effect is achieved.Some people will use data indicators to tell you the business requirements of operations, some people will say that operations are retail, and some will try to distinguish operations, marketing and planning.4. In this follow-up article, I wrote about 5,000 words. It was a review of myself for more than half a year. I didn’t know that I could talk so much until I finished writing it.

Bolton responds to North Korea's $2 million bill: the United States promised, but did not pay a penny

4. Analytical thinking Efficient operations must be organized, and the scattered and trivial work can be strung together into a logical line, which just sorts out the organizational framework for thinking about problems.Because I am in the user operation department, I have not had much contact with BD, business operations or category operations. If I don’t understand, I have no right to speak, so let me just talk about the things I have done.

Bolton responds to North Korea's $2 million bill: the United States promised, but did not pay a penny

Because I always think too much, I gradually calm down. It’s all for work, but because of work, the perspective is different.

But now, I have left, whether it is good or bad, who knows! But I can always stop, I am standing at the crossroads again, I have to move forward.In addition, after learning the knowledge, combine it with your own experience and reflect.

Therefore, learning without practicing, learning without practicing, and learning without practice is not learning at all.A teachable perspective can speed up the process of developing people as a leader.

The third is to master the general methodology of the conference. Whether it is pyramid thinking, mind map, six thinking hats, or brainstorming, it is actually a specific form of total score. The first "total" is the question The key, "score" is to list all the branches related to the problem as much as possible, and the next "total" is to summarize and sort the information obtained from the previous "scores", and finally find a solution to the problem Methods.There was once a famous saying: The Internet makes smart people smarter and fools stupider.