Singer: Zeng Yike responds to cyber violence

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Ma Huateng proposed the "digital economy" during this year's two sessions to rectify the names of Tencent's games and animations; Jack Ma's father has long said that what China lacks in the future is health and happiness, and has determined the "double H strategy."

The sharing and connection effect of the Internet platform can just break through geographical restrictions and rely on the way of platform delivery to connect supply and demand.This also promotes the reform of the enterprise system to some extent and drives the improvement of the efficiency of economic operation.

Singer: Zeng Yike responds to cyber violence

In the current Internet IT industry, anxiety is everywhere. On the one hand, this anxiety stems from high housing prices. On the other hand, it exists due to the rigidity of career promotion channels, the gap between income and expectations, and the imbalance of internal competition. There is the pain of not getting what you want, the uncertainty of layoffs and elimination crises, and people hope to change the status quo.Various news of layoffs spread from Didi to companies such as LeTV, Mogujie, and Baofengjing, and this year to companies such as Huawei and can use sharing economic service trading platforms, knowledge payment platforms, content production platforms, etc. to find these professionals to connect with consumers, allowing both supply and demand parties to make more free choices to meet the short-term and phased needs of the enterprise in the development process, or with free Professionals establish a more efficient cooperative relationship, break the constraints of existing industries and enterprises, and stimulate organizational innovation vitality with a market model of near perfect competition.

Singer: Zeng Yike responds to cyber violence

Internet connection effect: Embracing this freer career model with your own abilities has better anti-fragility. In the past traditional era, people had to be attached to a specific institution or organization to survive, because organizations and institutions are Resource allocation method, but due to information asymmetry, it is difficult to achieve a more efficient state in matching talent and enterprise needs, resulting in huge resource surplus and huge demand that cannot be met, thus leading to the loss and waste of suitable resources and talents.Freelance in English is self-employed.

Singer: Zeng Yike responds to cyber violence

In this way, in the future, the organizational structure of enterprises may be driven to be more flexible, break through the restrictions of factors such as region, industry or profession, and obtain professional talents more flexibly, because more professional external brain wisdom can help enterprises obtain more professional talents. Many high-quality resources even break through an inherent bottleneck and short board.

In the future, freelancers will rely more on platforms to build professional captive fans to increase personal prices and then seek ways to monetize business models from advertisers and companies. In an era when organizations are weakening and individuals are prominent, IP will be the key to the workplace, freelancers and even entrepreneurship. Everyone needs to consider the direction and the path to take.The other two important indicators are repurchase and retention. These two are comprehensive indicators, involving complex and diverse factors, but they are also key indicators for measuring the success of operations.

The main indicators I analyze include clicks, conversions and orders. I focus on the funnel-shaped layer-by-layer conversion loss. I analyze the reasons and make further optimization of operational methods and product functions.The person I want to thank most here is my supervisor. Without her tireless teachings, there would be no growth for me.

When it comes to operations, think about creativity, write copy, select products, fill in pages, do promotions, follow up on progress, and look at data. There are not enough designer resources to do it by yourself, and there are not enough front-end resources to cut pages by yourself.This involves the division of horizontal industry and category dimensions, and the vertical stratification of merchant heads, waists, and tails.