“ASEAN elements” are everywhere

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Compared with the New York Stock Exchange, the threshold for domestic listing is much higher.

In Bi Sheng's plan, whoever among the five brands can emerge from the market will receive resources.Later, at an industry forum, Zhang Lan said to several investors in a very tough tone: I have money, why should I invest in funds? I don’t need money, why should I go public? But the financial crisis in 2008 completely changed Zhang Lan. idea.

“ASEAN elements” are everywhere

2. The positioning was wrong, and the transformation was not timely. At the beginning, South Beauty's positioning was relatively accurate. Although it was a high-end restaurant, it still focused on mass consumption, and soon became a well-known well-known enterprise.In 1992, Zhang Lan rented a 102-square-meter grain store on Dongsi Avenue in Beijing and opened the "Alan Hotel". A group of local bamboo workers went up the mountain to cut bamboo, and transported the 13-meter-long bamboo to Beijing by train.Written at the end in Business Talk Business, looking back on Zhang Lan’s 24 years of entrepreneurial journey, her courage and perseverance are impeccable, and she has also created a very good marketing case for the industry.

“ASEAN elements” are everywhere

Regardless of whether it was listed or not, South Beauty could not escape the fate of decline.It took 7 years to establish South Beauty to achieve annual sales of 1 billion and 9 years to achieve a net worth of 2.5 billion! Zhang Lan sold her restaurant not because of her brother's death, but as a result of careful consideration.

“ASEAN elements” are everywhere

The men who work with me are all Indian men, but none of them will help you move.

However, since 2008, South Beauty has embarked on a crazy "road to listing", which is an indisputable fact: From 2008 to 2012, South Beauty opened more than 30 new stores, and in 2013, it opened more than 10 new stores. stores, but this speed is still far below Zhang Lan's goal: to open 100 new stores every year.There is also a third type of people. This type of user is very "friendly". They usually choose to pay online and don't refuse to accept it or post bricks. The shoes were blown for half an hour until the soles were glued, and then they were asked to be returned.

Lei Jun said to him, look at his age, look at his passion.Bi Sheng originally thought that financial freedom is spiritual freedom, but later found that this is not the case. Once a person loses his goal, the more empty his life is, the stronger the sense of urgency in his heart, and the more painful he is. "The year and a half after I came out was the most painful year." Half.

” Can Bi Sheng start again, can he get out of this vicious circle this time? document.writeln('Pay attention to entrepreneurship, e-commerce, and webmasters, scan the WeChat QR code of A5 chuangye.com, and draw prizes regularly.The total cost exceeds 50%. When the market competition is not fierce, Letao’s gross profit rate is only 30% (which is already relatively high in the industry), which means it will lose more than 20%. When the market competition is fierce, the gross profit rate It dropped to 17-18%, and the loss exceeded 30%.