The first new regulation came in May and it was overweight

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It was the last sentence that completely stunned Wang Gongquan.

They know a lot of investors in the circle, but when they start their own business, they find that the favor card is not easy to play. Dozens of BPs are sent out in two months, and no one is willing to invest.The four mainstream CDN service providers, Lanxun, Wangsu, Dilian, and 21Vianet, occupy more than 95% of the market share.

The first new regulation came in May and it was overweight

When talking about business, they will take the initiative to talk about the gap with American or domestic companies, and how to make up for these gaps, instead of just saying "we are better than others".There are more than 100 R&D personnel in the completed R&D center in Xiamen.However, there are still many domestic companies that provide cloud back-end services, such as Fit2cloud, Jiyun, Shuan VC3, Zhuyun, Lingyang Technology, etc. We do not rule out the possibility of these companies seizing the market.

The first new regulation came in May and it was overweight

"This is Huo Tao's goal for the team.As for the API management and data governance technologies involved in cloud aggregation business, the main companies currently working in the world include Apigee, Mashery, 3Scale, and Marsherp.

The first new regulation came in May and it was overweight

There are two main things that VCs look at in startups: first, people, and second, business.

The article mentioned that "Engineer culture is freedom plus efficiency" and "Spiritual freedom will lead to all kinds of strange ideas", which he agrees with.In Yuan Dingjinsheng's Internet marketing group, a group member mentioned that the company used to hire an SEO optimizer for only one website.

Of course, both methods are more or less the same as making search engine products.Everyone has seen the impact of the Internet, and with it a large number of Internet marketing and e-commerce training instructors have appeared.

Don’t be too hasty. It’s not just about posting a soft article, nor is it easy to attract 10,000 followers and 100,000+ readers, it’s really useless.Traditional enterprises are facing more and more difficulties under the impact of the Internet. Whether they are involved in the Internet or micro-e-commerce, don't think about being big and doing everything.