Japan holds "Baby Crying" sumo wrestling competition to see who can cry the most

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” But just introducing delicious food cannot satisfy the audience.

If you fail completely, you have little chance of success.What impressed me the most was that he spoke Fujian Mandarin and said: "Whatever belongs to you belongs to you."

Japan holds

The Model T existed from 1920 until about 1970 when Ford became the richest man in America.Moreover, those who invented these on the basis of electricity have become the richest people, and they are not one of them.But there must be problems with continuous entrepreneurship and continuous failure.

Japan holds

Startups may become great companies in the future.Take Xiaomi for example. Why is Xiaomi successful? I still think it is successful. Lei Jun is just experiencing a temporary plateau in his growth.

Japan holds

Once you leave that company and that position, you may be nothing.

Success does not necessarily mean that he has made money, it may mean that he has done something successful in school or society.The main purpose of the Niconico Super Conference is to "reproduce everything about Niconico on the ground".

"Beast Girl Zoo", which seems to be a "bad cute" work, although the animation production is not very good, it has aroused heated discussions on the plot and character design on Niconico.After that, the original songs created by using the singing voice synthesis software also began to be active on the Niconico platform, and the level of some of the songs is even comparable to the industry.

Virtual singer, house dancer, MAD, all kinds of new things are born here "Hatsune Miku, as the first character cultivated by users, will not be forgotten in a hundred years.Even the popularity of "LoveLive!" is due to Niconico. With Niconico's live broadcast platform, the voice actor group has maintained a stable communication with fans through live broadcasts, and has accumulated popularity.