The German giant gun of World War II weighed 1,350 tons and the shell weighed 7 tons

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Enterprises can use sharing economic service trading platforms, knowledge payment platforms, content production platforms, etc. to find these professionals to connect with consumers, allowing both supply and demand parties to make more free choices to meet the short-term and phased needs of the enterprise in the development process, or with free Professionals establish a more efficient cooperative relationship, break the constraints of existing industries and enterprises, and stimulate organizational innovation vitality with a market model of near perfect competition.

4. Analytical thinking Efficient operations must be organized, and the scattered and trivial work can be strung together into a logical line, which just sorts out the organizational framework for thinking about problems.Because I am in the user operation department, I have not had much contact with BD, business operations or category operations. If I don’t understand, I have no right to speak, so let me just talk about the things I have done.

The German giant gun of World War II weighed 1,350 tons and the shell weighed 7 tons

Because I always think too much, I gradually calm down. It’s all for work, but because of work, the perspective is different.But now, I have left, whether it is good or bad, who knows! But I can always stop, I am standing at the crossroads again, I have to move forward.In the end, I want to say that I am still looking for a job. If you have a good job, you can introduce it to me. Repost positive energy! Hahaha // (please keep the reprint) document.writeln('Pay attention to entrepreneurship, e-commerce, and webmaster, scan the QR code of A5 WeChat, and draw prizes regularly.

The German giant gun of World War II weighed 1,350 tons and the shell weighed 7 tons

Data analysis is really important. From which angles should we analyze it? What indicators are needed? How to compare and analyze different indicators horizontally and vertically? What do the changes in the data represent? What are the reasons behind it? What are the improvement measures?To sum up, I was initially responsible for planning daily girdle activities, and later took over three independent channels focused on quality-oriented content, oriented on active new users, and oriented on retention. In the end, I was responsible for The most important thing is the content planning of the scene.

The German giant gun of World War II weighed 1,350 tons and the shell weighed 7 tons

After these strategies are clarified, they will be integrated into a set of plans, and of course budget control costs will be involved.

To sum up, there will be diversion after the traffic enters the client. What we need to look at is the traffic loss of each click entrance and each operation path, including the purchase conversion of users placing orders and paying.This may be regarded as Baidu's cleverness. There are too many small sites and self-media sites that affect user experience and reduce stickiness. They simply take the opportunity to clean up the portal and only recruit those "high-quality" sites.

Think about it, just like the Internet circles are saying that the diaosi economy is dead. Those who are "high-quality" and have a good user experience are surrounded. Their sense of identity, identity and belonging are also strong, and their willingness to pay is stronger. ?As for how to charge and share in the later stage, it is still not easy to discuss? The second category, public relations companies and some corporate PRs, this is a group that is tied together.Those small sites and self-media sites with low weight, relatively poor content timeliness and quality are likely to be dropped by K. For example, an immature small site of the author was dropped by Baidu K some time ago. This process has already been carried out. It's been a while, but this time the action to cancel the news source is bigger and more ruthless, but even if the news source is not cancelled, many small sites will still be gradually eliminated.

  According to the Baidu Webmaster Platform announcement, to enter this VIP club, you need an "invitation code".Let me talk about a premise first, canceling news sources will not affect the inclusion of mainstream and core media. I have also verified this matter with many senior media professionals and webmasters.