ANA's second A380 aircraft rolls off production line in green turtle livery

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In the article "I Want to Be an Optimistic Young Man," he said: "Rather than confusion and despair, I think we need contentment and optimism more."

The employee told Netease Technology, "The company is not doing it anymore, and other colleagues have left. I have also gone through the resignation procedures. Today I came back to sort things out."During this period, Youyou Car Rental has received two rounds of financing, with a cumulative total of 20 million US dollars. Investors include Bitauto, Lightspeed Anzhen, Xianfeng Huaxing (K2) and angel investor Wang Gang.

ANA's second A380 aircraft rolls off production line in green turtle livery

Supplementary analysis: Is time-sharing leasing of new energy vehicles a good business? Before choosing to switch from P2P car rental mode to electric vehicle time-sharing leasing, Li Yu, co-founder of Youyou Vehicle, once said, "P2P mode is a very ideal business model." model, there are some unavoidable pain points.However, in October 2015, Youyou Rent a Car announced that it would change its name to Youyou Yongche, focusing on the time-sharing rental business of electric vehicles.After frequently changing the network environment but to no avail, many people began to wonder whether Youyou Auto has gone bankrupt? Some people tried to call the official number of Youyou Auto, but no one answered.

ANA's second A380 aircraft rolls off production line in green turtle livery

  However, there are only eight workstations and one employee on site.According to user reports, since the deposit was collected, the available vehicles of Youyou Vehicle have become less and less, and it has become more and more difficult to withdraw cash, until recently it was completely unavailable. suspected.

ANA's second A380 aircraft rolls off production line in green turtle livery

The app hangs up, the customer service loses contact, and there is no way to get a refund. In a QQ group called "Youyou Youche User Rights Group", more than 40 users of Youyou Youche gathered.

From P2P shared car rental to electric car time-sharing rental, did Youyou Auto disappear overnight after burning out 20 million US dollars of financing? After receiving the user’s revelation, the reporter visited several offices of Youyou Auto and found that The building was empty.Secondly, Aladdin, which failed to be acquired, resumed trading on March 10, and its stock price plummeted 24.38% on that day.

The reason is that Aladdin is delaying the progress of the acquisition transaction, and the transaction may not be completed on time.Whether it is repeated price cuts or untold hardships, begging grandpa to tell grandma to buy back the shares of small and medium shareholders, Aladdin's sincerity is obvious.

In the first half of 2016, Aladdin had 76.5898 million yuan of cash in his account.It was originally 21.5 yuan, and the small and medium shareholders did not agree, but now it has been reduced to 17.97 yuan, and the small and medium shareholders are desperately resisting