Hui Hui’s self-rescue plan announced! Cooperate with "Pork King" Tiandi No.1

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Code-scanning girls work in public places for self-interest.

The download tools, anti-virus software and input methods that were necessary for computer installation back then all lived under this survival rule, and the performance was very intuitive. For example, a certain anti-virus software was spontaneously removed by netizens with useless anti-virus functions, leaving the I got a little lion that can jump around on the table.Why do some people believe that "tools must die"? People have had a "tools must die" complex since the PC era.

Hui Hui’s self-rescue plan announced! Cooperate with

Therefore, tool products have many advantages that are ignored by entrepreneurs under anxiety: 1. Tool products are the most intuitive product form to solve needs. Whether it is platformization or injecting other elements, it cannot break away from this foundation; 2. Tools Products in the category compete more on user experience and technical functions, and products are the best operations; 3. The streamlined product form of tool products reduces the cost of changing needs; 4. The functions of tool products are clear , It also continuously deepens the user's inertial thinking.This fact has nothing to do with people's forgetfulness, the emotional fragmentation brought about by social networks, or the laziness of human nature, but rather the need for this tool to be solved.The early Internet products inherited the thinking of the "portal era".

Hui Hui’s self-rescue plan announced! Cooperate with

Conceptual packaging and attribute upgrades have always been the icing on the cake after having a solid foundation, and the icing on the cake has never belonged to entrepreneurs.The inherent deficiency of not being able to solve user problems at a deeper level is destined to make this product form be abandoned by people.

Hui Hui’s self-rescue plan announced! Cooperate with

So even though Alipay has made many suicidal social changes, and even several times it has turned into a crisis related to the company's survival at the level of public opinion, forcing the big bosses to personally issue apology letters to rescue them, they can still lie down unharmed. On people's phones.

Inertial thinking has been continued in the mobile Internet era, and those leading products in the industry also help people strengthen this memory intentionally or unintentionally.  Now Diaoye Beef Brisket and Diaoye Meng Xing himself are gradually fading out of the sight of consumers, and queues in stores are no longer common... The hustle and bustle has disappeared, and everything is lonely.

  Then here comes the question: Why is such a brand that understands the psychology of the post-90s generation so short? Franchise stores are messy and difficult to manage. 23 of them are franchise stores.The phenomenon of parallel imports is simply a movement that destroys the outlook on life. Many people did not expect that catering can actually be played in this way!   Parallel import restaurants once opened 52 stores in one year and made a profit of nearly 100 million. Brilliant, this achievement has left the industry stunned! However, recently, the news that parallel restaurants have completely withdrawn from the Zhengzhou market and closed stores in Shenzhen COCOPark has flooded the screen.

The unit price per customer is slightly high, and the price range of Diaoye Beef Brisket per customer is generally between 150 and 200 yuan. This price is actually the price of mid-range restaurants, but the taste of Diaoye Beef Brisket is not very distinctive compared with similar competing products. As a result, consumers' expectations are too high and there is a gap between the actual experience.Claiming to pay 5 million yuan to buy a secret recipe, you can have a bite of curry with a famous celebrity at Diaoye Beef Brisket, etc. Many restaurant owners are constantly introducing new ones, trying to catch people's attention with marketing.