The "Whampoa Mitaka" that almost drove Chiang Kai-shek crazy

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"Beast Girl Zoo", which seems to be a "bad cute" work, although the animation production is not very good, it has aroused heated discussions on the plot and character design on Niconico.

In order to remain invincible in the fierce competition, companies should have sufficient supply of goods and directly promote the purchase behavior of every consumer.If you just blindly arouse the appetite of consumers, some consumers will lose patience and give other competitors an opportunity to take advantage of it.


Once consumers start to rush to buy a certain product, all the previously rational purchasing psychology will disappear. At this time, companies' timely use of "hunger marketing" will also bring unpredictable effects.So in this case, the strategy of "hunger marketing" should not be used (this is also one of the reasons why Xiaomi's hunger marketing does not work now).Why do so many people pay for Xiaomi’s hunger marketing? This issue uses Xiaomi as an example to talk about the motivations behind hunger marketing.


This is an unprecedented mobile phone sales record in China, and it was achieved by a mobile phone company that was established just over two years ago.Therefore, corporate marketers must pay close attention to changes in the market environment, especially changes in competitors' marketing strategies, as well as possible changes in consumer purchasing psychology and purchasing behavior caused by this, improve the company's rapid response capabilities, and formulate practical strategies. marketing plan.


On the other hand, the purchasing needs of consumers are also constantly changing, and the key factors of consumer purchasing behavior will also undergo irregular changes, which will lead to emotional transfer of consumers and a shift in purchasing impulse.

Because even if the company's supply is insufficient, consumers will not switch to other products, which can only intensify consumers' desire to possess such goods.After that, Zhang Lan successively opened a "Alan Roast Duck Hotel" in Guang'anmen, and a "Bainiaoyuan Garden Shark's Fin Seafood Restaurant" in the Asian Games Village. The business is booming.

But in Tang Yi's view, such an idea is complete nonsense. If you don't advance, you will retreat. China's catering industry is so competitive that the only way to survive is to become bigger and stronger, and this must be boosted by capital.In the end, the decline of South Beauty also proved this point.

Because she was worried that she would miss her son too much and return home early, Zhang Lan even buttoned up the photo of her son that she brought with her and put it on the bedside table. She couldn't bear it anymore, so she turned it over and quickly buttoned it up again.3. The founder’s strategy is too radical On the road of no return.