[International Cartoon Review] The world’s largest “recipient of stolen goods”

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So why is Airbnb still successful in the face of such strong competitors? Because Airbnb has put forward several new ideas: •Let users rent any size of space•Let users rent non-vacation-type houses•Users no matter HomeAway, which can rent a house whether or not the owner is there, only rents out vacation homes during the owner's absence.

In the following 5 weeks, the company's cumulative turnover reached 278 million yuan, and the stock price rose from the initial 7 yuan to 27 yuan.The three boulders together crushed the company's stock price, which plummeted 47% on the day of resumption of trading. The asset management plan exploded, and the company had to suspend trading again.

[International Cartoon Review] The world’s largest “recipient of stolen goods”

Because of the deviation of volume and price, it is easy to open a position and difficult to exit.In the next five weeks, the company's stock turnover shrank, with a cumulative turnover of 168 million yuan, but the transaction price remained between 28 yuan and 31.5 yuan.The company had a maximum of 33 market makers, second only to Huaqiang Fantawild (834793.OC) and Lianxun Securities (830899.OC). It once ranked among the top 5 market-making companies.

[International Cartoon Review] The world’s largest “recipient of stolen goods”

On this day, due to the change in the stock price, the name of a certain asset management company appeared in the company announcement. The asset management company sold 6.5 million shares at an average price of 30 yuan per share that day.With the money raised, the company began to make big moves and spent a lot of money to purchase another company controlled by a major shareholder.

[International Cartoon Review] The world’s largest “recipient of stolen goods”

Assuming that a New Third Board company also wants to take the market position, it will soon discover a fatal problem, which is that there is no liquidity at all (leeks).

Although this asset management company is out, the game is not over yet, because the story of the IPO has not yet been told, and investors are still relaying, waiting for the day when they and the company will be listed on the A shares.You can consider the following questions: •What major trends have I noticed? •What future trends can I foresee? •What business can I build based on this trend? •Should I use this trend? Introducing my trade? #8 Plagiarism (with or without alteration) “Immature poets imitate, mature poets steal.

In the second step, it identifies the points that are most likely to cluster around these two points.Utilizing professional knowledge is the closest path to entrepreneurial success.

If you are very sensitive to trends and know how to seize the opportunity, then this method will work well for you.The Pivot Pyramid is one of the ways to mix various entrepreneurial ideas until you create a complete entrepreneurial plan.