GCC countries strive to promote integrated development (international perspective)

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  To solve people’s problem of “not knowing what to give as a gift”, the project attracted 10 million user registrations within 8 months of its launch.

I started to form a team, including designers, pattern makers, sample workers, operations, artists, promotions, customer service, quality inspectors, shippers, etc.My heart was excited and swollen, I felt like I was going to make a fortune with my team soon, and my parents could live a good life with me and never quarrel again.

GCC countries strive to promote integrated development (international perspective)

document.writeln('Pay attention to entrepreneurship, e-commerce, and webmasters, scan the QR code of A5 Chuangye.com WeChat, and draw prizes regularly.And small merchants will always be buried at the end, so why can’t we distribute the resources evenly to give some small merchants the opportunity to display in turn? We spend so much advertising money on Tmall’s bidding ranking, but it’s not the same. The bigger the company, the better the sales. The merchants' sales are getting worse and worse, and if they fail completely and lose everything, they are your Taobao.In 1994, you started your own business, discovered the Internet and started your Internet journey.

GCC countries strive to promote integrated development (international perspective)

If there are 50 orders a day, you can earn 1,500 yuan.If you follow Ma Yunqian, you will either make a lot of money or go bankrupt.

GCC countries strive to promote integrated development (international perspective)

You obviously abandoned a small company and turned to a big company, why dare not admit it? This is a history of blood and tears for e-commerce! Without gorgeous language, I am one of the millions of loss-making merchants on Taobao.

In this way, my fixed expenses will be 330,000 to 350,000 per month.Niconico's pace is very fast, especially in user payment: in June 2007, Niconico began to launch paid membership services. Paid members can enjoy functional services such as higher-definition picture quality and full-speed buffering.

At the end of the first Niconico Super Conference in 2012, the huge loss of 470.81 million yen displayed on the screen aroused heated discussion.To understand how it has transformed our lives step by step, perhaps the concept of "bullet screen" will be a good start.

At the same time, as other global video services such as Netflix and Hulu entered Japan, those high-definition exclusive copyrighted videos and original content made Niconico inevitably hit.In 2012, we held the Niconico super meeting for the first time. Looking back now, for Dwango at that time, the super meeting was a necessary means.